What’s in a name?

We are sometimes asked “What does the RI in York RI Sailing Club stand for?” So here’s the answer! York RI Sailing Club used to be known as York Railway Institute Sailing Club (and sometimes as British Transport Yacht Club York Division). York Railway Institute was founded in 1886 as a sports and social club for railway employees. It was based in the city centre, and over the years it spread to several other sites around York, catering for an ever wider range of sports, as well as eventually allowing non-railway staff to become members. The sailing club was established in 1957, beside what was then the main east-coast line to London. The railway line closed in 1983 (the main line now follows a route a little further to the west), and the former railway line is now a cycle track. York Railway Institute formally ceased to exist in 2016, when it became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) called simply York RI. The sailing club is now part of this new organisation. So the answer to the question “What does the RI in YRISC stand for?” is that it used to mean Railway Institute, but now it means, well, just RI.

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