YRISC e-news, March 2016

The sailing season is just around the corner, so here goes!

Sailing programme. You will find a copy of the 2016 sailing programme HERE. Take a look right away, make sure you come sailing on as many days as possible, and take careful note of when you are on duty as race officer. And please remember – if you cannot do your allotted duty, find someone to swap with.

Sunday 6 March: Cleaning Day. 10.30 onwards. Please come and help if you possibly can, as there is lots of cleaning to be done. On this occasion we will concentrate on cleaning OUTSIDE the clubhouse, to get rid of the mud. Internal cleaning and tidying is also needed – but we will defer that until the following Thursday (10 March), in order to reduce the quantity of mud that gets carried on boots into the clubhouse. So…

Thursday 10 March, 10.30 onwards: Supplementary cleaning day, INSIDE the clubhouse. We have a group of old codgers (sorry, retired gentlemen) who are available. If you can come and join us, please do so, whatever your age or employment status.

Sunday 13 March: Start of the SAILING SEASON.

IMPORTANT NEW ARRANGEMENTS for 2016. One of the conditions of the Sport England grant is that we need to record the number of people using the club facilities day by day. There will be a calendar prominently displayed on the wall in the clubhouse. For regular Sunday and Wednesday sailing it will be the job of the race officer to record numbers. But any other time you visit, whether to sail, to deliver/collect you boat, to repair your boat, to dig a ditch, patch up a jetty, or just enjoy the sunshine on the balcony, please MARK YOUR PRESENCE on the calendar. No names, just a tick for each person who has been present.

New changing rooms. Thanks to a generous grant from Sport England, sterling work by various members (especially Steve, Steve and Dorothea), and the world’s most obliging, dedicated and flood-proof builders, we now have some sparkling new changing rooms. We need to keep it that way. So please do your best not to bring mud into them, and please clean them after you’ve used them. We’ll have some new mops and buckets (not to be used anywhere except in the changing rooms). Use them! And beware … the changing rooms have undergone gender reassignment surgery – so to save embarrassment, make sure not to turn left when you should be turning right, or vice versa.

Membership renewals will be due very soon (technically, on 1 April). You can download a form HERE if you want to do it the old-fashioned way … But why not make it easy for yourself, and for the club – PAY YOUR SUB ELECTRONICALLY to York RI Sailing Club, sort code 20-99-56, a/c 83096025, and send a note to yrisc@hotmail.com to let the treasurer know you’ve paid.

For the record, your committee now consists of:

  • Hugh Brazier (Commodore)
  • Steve Hogg (Hon Secretary)
  • Phil Green (Hon Treasurer)
  • Phil Nelson (Sailing Secretary)
  • Mike Craggs (Training Officer)
  • Steve Parry (Bosun)
  • Peter Craggs
  • Jens Kuhn
  • Peter Cowling
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YRISC News, January 2016


yris cnews jan 2016

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YRISC News, Autumn 2015


yriscnews 2015 autumn

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York RI Sailing Club E-news, October 2015

Annual Regatta and Bart’s Bash, 20 September
A great success, expertly run by PC and PN – thanks! Twelve boats on the water, cooperative wind, good racing, and cake. Possibly too much cake.


Sport England Inspired Facilities grant. As most (all?) of you know by now, we have secured a substantial grant from Sport England to fund the remodelling and extension of the clubhouse – mainly the changing rooms and the kitchen. Building work will start on Monday 19 October, and this will inevitably mean some disruption. Apologies for this – but the end result will be well worth it! Some parts of the clubhouse will be inaccessible at certain times, with limited changing and kitchen facilities, and it will help the builder if we can move some of our clutter out of the way. So:
Fetch your stuff. Do you have clothing in the changing rooms, or unused sails/spars/foils hanging around? If so, please take them home, if you can, before 18 October. After that date, your precious belongings may get covered in dust and/or become inaccessible.
Reclaim your trailer. There is a trailer mountain on the (ahem) North Lawn. Is yours in there? If so, please take it home if you possibly can, to get it out of the way. Unclaimed wrecks are liable to be scrapped. Peter has his hacksaw poised …

Working party, Saturday 7 November. Details a bit hazy at this stage, but we certainly have work to do on the jetties. Watch this space.

Annual Dinner, Friday 27 November, 7.30 pm, Marcia Inn, Bishopthorpe. Further details and menus very soon – but for now just make sure you have the date clear in your diary. Unmissable.

Trophies. Phil Nelson needs them well in advance of the dinner, so that they can be handed out again. If you have any trophies, please return them to Phil straightaway – and by the end of October at the very latest.

End-of-Season meeting. Thursday 10 December. Details to follow.

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York RI Sailing Club E-news, September 2015

Saturday sailing, 12 September

The next in our series of informal Saturday sailing days is set for 12 September, starting at 12.30. Come along and keep Steve company … If you can get there early, even better, as there is grass to be cut and a jetty to be repaired. Oh – and don’t forget regular Sunday sailing the next day!

Annual Regatta, Sunday 20 September

This year we are hosting the Annual Regatta, and inviting our friends from Yorkshire Ouse Sailing Club to come and join us. If you’ve taken part in a YRISC/YOSC Regatta before, you know what to expect. If you haven’t, you really need to be there – to experience a larger fleet than usual, exciting close racing, slick and efficient race management, fun on and off the water. And cake.

  • Briefing at 11.00, first race at 11.30. Get there in good time.
  • We need a good turnout, so please come along!
  • Let us know in advance if possible: yrisc@hotmail.com.
  • Barbecue after the racing. BBQ food will be provided, but please bring cake.
  • The Regatta will be a great social occasion, as well as a sailing day, so please bring the family.
  • And cake.

Does anyone fancy organising the barbecue at the regatta? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Let us now at yrisc@hotmail.com.

Bart’s Bash, Sunday 20 September

The morning race on Regatta day will double up as our contribution to Bart’s Bash – the second running of the largest sailing event in the world. Further details of the global event here: http://www.bartsbash.com.

  • Please, if possible, help us to record the results by registering in advance on the Bart’s Bash website: http://my.bartsbash.com/registration
  • We will be raising money for Bart’s Bash by asking for small cash contributions in exchange for cake.
  • So please bring cake.

New-look sailing calendar for 2016?

Your committee is discussing various ideas for changes to the programme for next year. A less complicated schedule? More focus on GP14 fleet racing? Greater encouragement for other classes? Get the children involved? More emphasis on casual sailing? Barbecues after sailing? More cake? Expect to see some proposals soon – but in the meantime, please let us have your thoughts: yrisc@hotmail.com.

Annual Dinner

Coming soon … Date and venue to be confirmed … Watch this space for further details …


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GP14 Classic & Vintage open meeting, 18 April 2015

Light winds and willow trees on the River Ouse

The Round Holes Trophy was up for grabs again. With last year’s winner Duncan Greenhalgh prevented by injury from defending his title, the field was wide open for the second running of the York R I Sailing Club GP14 Classic & Vintage Open Meeting on Saturday 18 April. In GP14 terms, ‘Classic and Vintage’ means Series 1 boats, specifically boats lacking underfloor buoyancy, and more loosely defined as boats with round holes in their transoms – all at least 20 years old, and some considerably older.

YRISC april 2015 KS 1Racing on the River Ouse in spring, with the weeping willows along the riverbank just coming into leaf, the swans and ducks preparing for a busy breeding season, newly arrived swallows swooping low over the water, bright sunshine and (with luck) steady breezes – what could be better?

Three back-to-back races were expertly run by race officers Peter Craggs and Phil Nelson, for five local boats and two visitors – which sounds like a small turnout, but seven boats on the start line at this restricted venue is quite a crowd. Conditions were normal for the river – in other words, the wind was up and down, not to mention round and round, and it was a real test of light-wind sailing skills. After five laps of the course, the first race ended with four boats more or less neck and neck, with the lead changing several times within the last few boat lengths until visiting helmsman Peter Dewhurst popped out of the pack to cross the line first, just ahead of the other visiting boat, helmed by Iain Hardy and crewed by Arthur Logan.

YRISC april 2015 NM 1Two further races, more fickle winds, but good sailing when the wind blew strongly. It’s a funny place to sail, thanks not just to the variable wind but also to a wide range of obstacles to be negotiated, from passing motor cruisers to floating logs (which can display about the same level of control over their speed and direction), to overhanging trees, and a rather large bridge. Not many people manage to hit the bridge, but at least one of today’s races was punctuated by a loud ‘clang’, followed by a few other noises that are not fit to print here – and Terry will be relieved to hear that we won’t print the name of the sailor involved, either. When the wind drops, drifting into a tree and getting stuck on the bank is common enough, but we have no previous record of anyone sailing full-tilt, spinnaker flying, into the centre of a willow tree. And I do not wish to embarrass the sailor in question by mentioning the name of Steve Parry.

After the racing, cake. And the presentation of the prizes. This year’s winner was Peter Dewhurst of Burwain SC, ably crewed by Jens Kuhn from the host club. We are very grateful to our visitors – four sailors and two boats – for supporting this relatively new fixture on the GP14 racing calendar, and we look forward to welcoming more visitors in 2016.

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April 2015 e-news

This month’s unmissable events:

GP14 Classic/Vintage open meeting, Saturday 18 April

Yes, Saturday (not Sunday). Following last year’s successful open meeting … All GP14 sailors (plus anyone else who wants to have a go) are strongly encouraged to come and compete for the Round Holes Trophy. We are expecting some visitors from other clubs as well. Three back-to-back races, with the first warning signal at 11.57 (meaning that you really need to be there by 11.00). If you can come, please do – and please BRING CAKE for the post-racing celebrations.

OPEN DAY, Sunday 26 April

We will be eagerly expecting a flood of visitors from 11.00 a.m. until 3.00 p.m. As ever, we need friendly faces for meeting and greeting duties, plus people to sail, and perhaps take visitors out for a sail. In advance, we also need ALL MEMBERS to find a few places to display the poster – which has been sent to you in a separate email.

Cleaning session, Thursday 16 April

In advance of the above two events, we need to spruce the place up a bit. So can as many members as possible please come down on Thursday evening, 16 April, for a short session of mopping, sweeping and tidying? Report (with or without mop and bucket) at (or as near as possible to) 7.00 p.m.

Other issues:

  • KEYS – Do you have a set of keys to the club compound and clubhouse? If so, could you please let us know. Or do you need some keys? Please tell us! info@yrisc.org
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – Does any member fancy helping to increase our profile on Facebook and Twitter? No experience necessary – just an eye for the quirky, curious and newsworthy. Please contact us: info@yrisc.org
  • MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS – If you haven’t already done so, please do so! Form available on the web at https://yrisc.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/yrisc-membership-form-2015.pdf.

Finally, Andrew Stephenson is assembling the May newsletter and would welcome contributions on any topic, no matter how tenuous the relevance to YRISC, and no matter how flimsy the story. Deadline Monday 27 April.

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