Starting to Sail

Have you ever wanted to learn to sail?

Sailing is an amazing hobby. You never stop learning and improving. It takes a lot of concentration, but this brings with it a lot of relaxation. There is great pleasure in using just the wind to move a boat quickly and safely from place to place. Racing adds an extra dimension of competition and excitement, but sailing can be as peaceful or as exhilarating as you want it to be.

How can we help?

We offer an RYA accredited training course once a year, but that isn’t the only way to learn to sail with us. A visitor to the club will almost always be given a chance to crew for a more experienced member, and no experience is necessary. This is a brilliant way to start. Once you’ve been a few times we will ask you to join, but it isn’t too expensive!

You don’t need to own your own boat – many members don’t – though once you are more experienced you might choose to buy a boat.

Isn’t sailing expensive?

Our membership fees are very reasonable and discounts may be available if you join late in the season. You don’t need your own boat – at first you are likely to crew for a more experienced member. Even when you are ready to sail by yourself (and you have enough experience) we have a small number of boats available for members to use, for a fee of only £2 per half day or £3 for a full day.

Apart from that all you need is a buoyancy aid (which we can lend you) and perhaps a wetsuit if you are sailing in cold weather. If you do decide to buy your own boat, these can be found secondhand for as little as a few hundred pounds, and insurance is usually around £50–100 a year.

Why York RI Sailing Club?

We are a very friendly and welcoming club. We have a club fleet of two RS Visions, a GP14 and two Toppers available for low-cost hire (£2 per half day) to suitably experienced members, and excellent boat-park facilities if you need them.

Child-friendly, the club has a strong social scene. There is an annual club weekend at Ullswater in the Lake District, a Christmas dinner, an annual quiz and various other events. In addition to that we have a good relationship with Yorkshire Ouse Sailing Club down the river, the two clubs coming together for several joint events each year.

We have a successful and fun racing programme, including a number of events especially intended for novice racers.

When should I visit and what should I bring?

The best times to visit us are Sunday mornings when we are racing. This is most weekends in spring, summer and autumn – but have a look at our racing schedule to check. It’s best if you can arrive around 10.30 am. Bring a packed lunch, a change of clothes and soft-soled shoes (e.g. trainers). We can lend you a buoyancy aid and you don’t need any other equipment.

What about children?

We are a family-oriented club and children are very welcome – there are usually a few running around the club on a race day. However they must always be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Your child can only sail with you on board, and you are responsible for their safety. We have a limited supply of child buoyancy aids, but for smaller children you may need to supply your own.

Any other questions?

Let us know here and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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