Summer 2021 Newsletter

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What’s in a name?

We are sometimes asked “What does the RI in York RI Sailing Club stand for?” So here’s the answer! York RI Sailing Club used to be known as York Railway Institute Sailing Club (and sometimes as British Transport Yacht Club York Division). York Railway Institute was founded in 1886 as a sports and social club for railway employees. It was based in the city centre, and over the years it spread to several other sites around York, catering for an ever wider range of sports, as well as eventually allowing non-railway staff to become members. The sailing club was established in 1957, beside what was then the main east-coast line to London. The railway line closed in 1983 (the main line now follows a route a little further to the west), and the former railway line is now a cycle track. York Railway Institute formally ceased to exist in 2016, when it became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) called simply York RI. The sailing club is now part of this new organisation. So the answer to the question “What does the RI in YRISC stand for?” is that it used to mean Railway Institute, but now it means, well, just RI.

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Sailing course

We are pleased to announce that we will be running a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Level 1 “Start Sailing” course in July 2021. Yes, you can learn to sail in York! For details, see here.

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Open for business

We are pleased to announce that York RI Sailing club is now open for business. Members can during April sail single handed or with their household/bubble.

From 2 May we will resume our racing programme on Sundays as usual. Please make sure you follow the RYA Covid guidelines when sailing or in the club compound and be aware that the clubhouse is still off limits apart from the toilet and to get equipment.

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Start of Racing Season

Providing that the government’s Covid roadmap holds, we will start our Racing Programme from May 2021. Please find the provisional racing programme here on the link below.

We are also planning to have an Ullswater weekend this year, on the weekend of 19/20 June.

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Spring 2021 Newsletter

While we are eagerly waiting for the Covid restriction to be relaxed and sailing to resume, here is the laterst club newsletter.

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End of Season

Dear members and friends of YRISC, the combined forces of the Coronavirus lockdown and the River Ouse flood have pretty much put paid to any more sailing in 2020. We are therefore declaring the season finished. There will be no more organised sailing in 2020. Let’s hope for better luck in 2021!

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Autumn 2020 Newsletter

Turns out we just made it with a few days to spare… here is the next edition of the Newsletter already. While there hasn’t been too much going on this year due to Covid-19, some things still did happen – so have a look.

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Summer 2020 Newsletter

Summer is over, but the newsletter hasn’t been posted yet, so here it is. At least we got it out before the next one. 🙂

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Limited Sailing can Resume

Following new government guidelines, sailing is again permitted since 13 May, however under strict limitations. The club has compiled the following guidelines based on recommendations from the RYA. Please take your time to read the attached documents. In summary, sailing can resume as long as social distancing is maintained att all times. There will be no racing or other organised club activities. Practically this means:
– Only sail single handed or with crew from your household
– Only sail in conditions you can handle
– Only sail boats you can launch and recover yourself
– Maintain social distancing (2m) at all times
– Minimise use of shared club facilities (incl Club House) as much as possible
– Sign the attendance list
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